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Our latest Medi+ model can slot into tight spaces, maximising storage capacity,potn free

We’ve expanded our Medi+ range of medical and pharmaceutical refrigeration with the launch of the WMP335, an ultra-slim cabinet that will fit into the tightest of spaces. Despite its slimmed down dimensions, the WMP335 offers all the advanced features of our standard Medi+ products and delivers a storage capacity of just over 335 litres.

The Medi+ WMP335 responds to market demand for a pharmaceutical grade cabinet that combines a small footprint with a large capacity. In fact, with a footprint of just 595mm by 684mm, it’s the slimmest upright cabinet in the Medi+ range and can be slotted into positions where a standard cabinet would simply be too big, helping maximise the available space. The model is available in both chilled (1 to 4°C) and freezer (-18 to -21°C) versions.

Williams Medi+335 Slimline Cabinet

As the Covid-19 vaccines roll out lots of medical facilities are needing to increase their refrigerated storage, but many don’t have space for a conventional pharmaceutical cabinet,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams UK. “The WMP335 fits the bill, delivering the precise, stable temperature controls that pharmaceutical refrigeration demands.”

All our Medi+ cabinets are designed and engineered to operate efficiently up to 43°C ambient, ensuring they maintain a stable temperature, even if the door is opened multiple times during the day, for example in a vaccine administration programme.

Williams Medi+ Range

Williams Glass Door Medi+ range

The Medi+ WMP335 features rugged construction, with stainless steel exterior and interior base; 80mm thick, high performance eco-friendly insulation (with low GWP and zero ODP); and an enhanced internal airflow design that ensures constant temperature throughout the cabinet. An added bonus is the fact that it features bottom-mounted refrigeration, which makes it suitable for sites with low ceilings, as it allows plenty of room for heat from the system to dissipate, as well as giving easy access for servicing and maintenance. As with all Medi+ cabinets, the WMP335 is classed as having a spark-free interior.

Our new cabinet also features the Williams Medi+ Controller. It ensures precise temperature control, using decimal point operation, and has a condenser cleaning warning sensor to ensure optimum performance is maintained. Other alarms include audio and visual warnings for high or low temperature and for if the door is kept open. The Controller has a maximum and minimum temperature memory, giving accurate readings and keeping a log, which operators can access to show proof of performance.

Williams Medi+ Controller


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